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We have a broad variety of sculptures and statues - made in marble, wood, stone and steel.

A portion of them are Jørgen Mernild's own works. Created in marble or steel, or combinations of different materials.

Besides, we have much other art from the Far East, f.ex.:

Lions, in black and white marble. Ranging from 40 to 100 cm in height. Buddhas in black and white marble. Also Buddhas of wood, covered with gold, in sizes up to 180 cm.

Lanterns for Japanese gardens, in sizes from 50 to 210 cm.
Antique iron jars from The Forbidden City in Beijing, 200 to 500 years old - with inscription of their age.
Porcelain jars in sizes up to 150 cm., created by different artists.
Water fountains of many different shapes and sizes.

Jørgen Mernild A/S, Blangstedgaardsvej 1, DK-5220 Odense SO - tel. +45 4016 8140, fax +45 6615 2088, e-mail joergen@mernild.dk